17 November 2019

8 November 2019

Italy - Rebecca Horn

In Bari we are working about the body and the space, thinking to Rebecca Horn.

6 November 2019

Bari - Barbara Hepworth - Two forms

At Les Carolines students are preparing their works for the art exhibition in Bari. The chosen artist is Barbara Hepworth, we have focused on her collection called "Two forms". In this collection the artist explores the concept of maternity in a non-figurative way, combining two sculpture pieces.

Barbara Hepworth, Mother and son

Students were asked to represent FRIENDSHIP in a non figurative way using two pieces.
First, they experimented with plasticine and the concept they wanted to transmit.

Once they had decided on the shape they passed their ideas into sandstone.

Productions are not completely finished yet, but here you have some photos of the stage the pieces are at the moment.

Ciao Bari! Hola València!

Students from Bari and València have connected through a videocall. Bari students are waiting with expectation the rest of the students of the project and València students cannot wait to meet their Italian partners in person. What an exciting experience!