3 July 2019


Erasmus+ conference with students and families. We have exchanged experiences with other education professionals who share with us the enthusiasm towards the European Erasmus+ Project.

25 June 2019


During the last mobility to Poland we could enjoy the exhibition The Cleaner by Marina Abramovic. It was quite a discovery and we decided to take it to the classroom. Students after being delighted by Marina Abramovic's work wanted to make their own pieces of audiovisual art. This is the result.


Students have seen Magdalena Abakanowicz's works and they have experimented with textile sculpture.

And these are the results:

7 June 2019

SSEE - Sharing and spreading our Erasmus Experiences - IES Albal (València)

Today some students, participants in the Women in Art project, of the Escola Les Carolines have enjoyed a day of exchanging experiences with students or participants of other European projects Erasmus + KA2, at the IES Albal, València. Throughout the morning the students have been able to tell the rest of the participants what the experience of being part of the project has meant for them. The group has stood out for its short age compared to the rest of the participants.
Congratulations for your work, you are a great team!

30 May 2019

Meeting in Poland - time with families

During this meeting we met art and artists. But it was also time to meet our colleagues from GREECE, ITALY and SPAIN, to have fun together...

24 May 2019

Meeting in Poland. Meeting women artists

Erasmus + na wystawie Hanny Łuczak "Czas, Historia, Pamięć"!
Od rana chwalimy się poznańską sztuką! Przed chwilą gościliśmy uczniów Szkoły Podstawowej nr 5 w Luboniu (program Erasmus +) na wystawie "Czas, Historia, Pamięć". O wystawie opowiadała we własnej osobie Hanna Łuczak :))
Opublikowany przez Galeria Piekary Piątek, 24 maja 2019