17 January 2020

I have a dream...

Do you remember Basia, our student? In this video she speaks about her trip to Florina in Greece with Erasmus. ✈️
Dancing and traveling is her big dream.

We can help  make this dream come true.

Basia can receive a scholarship if she wins the competition.

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12 December 2019

11 December 2019

Share and Practise

Back to our school, we have shared our emotional and learning experience. Students were told about the workshop we attended to, at Luciana Galli's studio, about photography and they have created their own pieces of art based on the concept of photography as a means of artistic creation.

Sharing their experience in Bari

Luciana Galli Lesson

Photos were taken by the students based on Luciana Galli's lesson

5 December 2019